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I use it every day

Last 10 years being a professional french horn player, I have almost never been happy with my practice sessions. Something was missing. I used a hand written journal but it didn't really keep me on track like I wanted. "Practice now" finally solves this problem. Magic happens after I spend the 1-2 minutes required to organize an hour long practice. "Practice Now" helps me think clearly. It keeps me on track better than other organizers because of how it combines timers with focus points. "Practice Now" eliminates decision fatigue and helps me recover from unplanned distractions, while budgeting my time smartly. The UI could be better but the concepts work very well and I'm happy to get faster musical progress. Full disclosure: I am the designer of this app, after an amazing international symphony career I decided to build solutions for musicians based on how many top pros do it. Happy practicing!

Awesome App

If you want to stay on top of what really matters to you, then this breakthrough app is for you. If you're practicing and developing your skills in music or in any area of focus that is important to you, let this app be the optimistic coach in your corner! Breakthroughs ahead...

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